Romanciuc Lidia

Title/degree Doctor 
Position Senior scientific researcher
Laboratory Physical and Quantum Chemistry
Office 225
Phone/fax (+373 22) 73 79 11
Email [email protected]
[email protected]
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Relevant publications

National projects

  1. ANCD/20.80009.5007.27. Physico-chemical mechanisms of redox processes with electron transfer involved in vital, technological and environmental systems
    Period: 2020-2023
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Gheorghe DUCA
  2. CSSDT/15.817.02.02F. Study of mechanisms of chemical reactions, electronic structure and physico-chemical properties of transitiom-metal coordination compounds and nanoparticles A2B6
    Period: 2015-2019
    Project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Natalia GORINCIOI