Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Nanocompozite

laborator CBN

Head of the laboratory dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN

Office:  230
Phone: (+373 22) 73 97 55
Email: vasilelozan @



Short history

The laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Nanocomposites was founded in 1975 (under the name Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry) by dr. habilitate, professor Dumitru Batir. The laboratory was founded to study coordination compounds with biological activity. At the end of 1988, acad. Constantin Turta was elected as head of the laboratory, giving it a new breath by implementing progressive methods (at that time) Nuclear Gamma Resonance Spectroscopy (Mössbauer spectroscopy) and magnetochemistry.

In 2006, with the creation of the Center of Physical Chemistry and Nanocomposites the laboratory was renamed in Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Nanocomposites.

Research areas
  • Synthesis and study of new homo-, heteronuclear and polymeric coordination combinations of ns-, 3d- and 4f-type metals with carboxylic acids and Schiff bases, as well as mono- and polydidentate ligands with various donor atoms;
  • Investigation of their molecular and crystalline structure by X-ray diffraction method on monocrystal and powder of synthesized compounds (in collaboration with other institutions);
  • Deciphering of IR, UV/Vis,  Mössbauer,  NMR,  TG and EPR spectra, as well as sorbtion of the synthesized coordination compounds;
  • Testing of compounds synthesized as single molecule-magnets (SMM), catalysts, porous polymeric compounds, magnetic  nanomaterials  and biologically active substances. The laboratory is endowed with a Gouy apparatus to measure the magnetic susceptibility of the complexes in the 300- 110 K temperature range, a Mössbauer spectrometer of the electrodynamic type with the 300-80 K measuring range, the Cyclovoltamperometric installation. It has access to IR, UV-Vis, NMR, TG, EPR and X-ray diffraction methods on monocrystale and powder.
Recent publications
Research projects

Vasile LOZAN
dr. habilitate, assoc. prof.
Head of the laboratory

office 230
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 55
email: vasilelozan @; vasile.lozan @

dr., assoc. prof.
Leading scientific researcher

office 247
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 22
email: vaddr22 @; vadim.druta @

dr., assoc. prof.
Leading scientific researcher

office 232
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 55
email: vtsapkov @

Olesea CUZAN
Senior scientific researcher

office 210
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 55
email: olesea_cuzan @ yahoo.comolesea.cuzan-munteanu @

Iolanta BALAN
Senior scientific researcher

office 432a
phone: (+373 22) 73 96 49
email: ibalan02 @; liolanta.balan @

Senior scientific researcher

office 210
phone: (+373 22) 73 79 55
email: silmel_sm @; silvia.melnic @

Sergiu SHOVA
Senior scientific researcher

office 210
phone: (+373 22) 73 79 55
email: shova @

dr., assoc. prof.
Senior scientific researcher

office 206
phone: (+373 22) 73 79 55
email: ddragancea @, diana.dragancea @

Scientific researcher

office 201a
phone: (+373 22) 73 79 55
email: : tjovmir @, tudor.jovmir @

Scientific researcher

office 232
phone: (+373 22) 73 79 55

Scientific researcher

office 216
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 22
email: oviorina @, viorina.gorincioi @

Tatiana POPA
Scientific researcher

office 201a
phone: (+373 22) 73 79 22
email: tatianachimie @; tatiana.popa @

Irina VODA
Scientific researcher

office 247
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 22
email: irinavoda86 @; irina.voda @


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Articles in international journals (SCOPUS and IF) 

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Articles in national journals

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National projects

  1. ANCD/20.80009.5007.04. New materials based on coordination compounds of metals with polyfunctional ligands as porous polymers, catalysts, biologically active substances and nanostructured compounds
    Period: 2020-2023
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN
  2. CSSDT/15.817.02.01F. Mono- and polynuclear coordination compounds of metals (transition and s-type) as photocatalyst, porous and nanostructured materials for water photolysis as components of energetical security
    Period: 2015-2019
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN
  3. CSȘDT/16.00353.02.01F. New mono- and polynuclear s- and 3d-metals combination compounds as catalysts, porous substances and precursors of nanomaterials
    Period: 2016-2017
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN
  4. CSȘDT/14.518.04.08A. Synthesis and study of polynuclear complexes of s-nd-4f metals as catalysts in chemical processes, porous substances and precursors of nanomaterials
    Period: 2014-2015
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN

Bilateral projects

  1. AȘM-BMBF/13.820.08.03/GF.  Robust porous coordinative polymers
    Period: 2013-2015
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN

International projects

  1. H2020/CMCE-EU-RI. Development of international cooperation in the field of research “Water photolysis” (DCIDCPRFA)
    Period: 2015-2016
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Vasile LOZAN