Laboratory of Environmental Quality Monitoring (GeoLab)


Head of the laboratory dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI 

Office:  424
Phone: (+373 22) 73 71 44
Email: bogdevicholeg @
oleg.bogdevici @


Short history

The Laboratory of Environmental Quality Monitoring was established in 1978 by dr. Burghelea Nicolae under the name of Laboratory of Land Geochemistry at the Institute of Geophysics and Geology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Subsequently, the laboratory was renamed to Laboratory of Hydrogeochemistry and Laboratory of Geochemistry.

Due to the reorganization and optimization of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, which started in 2015, the laboratory was transferred to the Institute of Chemistry and renamed to Laboratory of Environmental Quality Monitoring.

Research areas
  • Implementation of the modern methodologies for studying the geochemistry of toxic substances in different environmental objects;
  • Study of geochemistry of natural waters and evaluation of their sources of pollution;
  • Research of different environmental objects for studying the processes of migration, accumulation and transformation of elements and toxic substances: heavy metals, pesticides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), persistent organic pollutants (POPs), etc.
Recent publications
Research projects

dr., assoc. prof.
Head of the laboratory

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phone: (+373 22) 73 71 44
email: bogdevicholeg @; oleg.bogdevici @


Scientific researcher

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Chapters in monographs (national / international)

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National projects

  1. ANCD/20.80009.7007.20. Study and management of pollution source for the elaboration of recommendations for implementing to reduce the negative impact on the environment and population health
    Period: 2020-2023
    Project manager: dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  2. CSSDT/15.817.02.19A. The complex study of geological environment for prevention of pollution and rational utilization of mineral resources
    Period: 2015-2019
    Project manager: dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI

International projects

  1. COST/CA19120. Water isotopes in the critical zone: from groundwater recharge to plant transpiration (WATSON)
    Period: 2020-2024
    Project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI
  2. IAEA/MOL7001. Establishing capacities for isotope hydrology techniques for water resources and climate change impact evaluation.
    Period: 2020-2023
    Project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI
  3. IAEA/RER7013. Source, age and recharge patterns of groundwaters in SE Europe
    Period: 2020-2023
    Project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI
  4. INTERREG/Danube Hazard M3C. Tackling hazardous substances pollution in the Danube River Basin by Measuring, Modelling-based Management and Capacity building (Danube Hazard M3C)
    Period: 2020-2022
    Project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI
  5. UNDP/CCAC/2019. Support for planning actions at national level to reduce short term climate pollutants
    Period: 2019-2021
    Project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Oleg BOGDEVICI
  6. CFH2020/INFRADEV-02/DANUBIUS-RI/739562. Preparatory phase for the pan-european research infrastructure DANUBIUS–RI “International centre for advanced studies on river-sea systems”
    Period: 2016-2019
    Project manager: Academician, dr. habilitate, prof. Gheroghe DUCA