Laboratory of Ecological Chemistry


Head of the laboratory dr. Oleg PETUHOV

Office:  138
Phone: (+373 22) 73 99 92
Email: petuhov.chem @
oleg.petuhov @





Short history

The Laboratory was set up in 1962 under the name of the Laboratory of Mineral Resources, later named the Laboratory of Mineral Resources and Water Chemistry, and recently the Laboratory of Ecological Chemistry.

The Laboratory was founded by Nicolae Labanov (1897-1972), dr. of chemistry, and afterwards modernized by Valeriu Ropot (1934-2002), dr. of chemistry.

Later, in 1991, the laboratory has been coordinated by acad. Tudor Lupascu, who reinvigorated it and the laboratory was renamed in Laboratory of Ecological Chemistry, focusing on the quality of the environment.

Research areas
  • Optimization of the obtaining and modification technologies of carbonaceous and mineral adsorbents for practical purposes;
  • Obtaining and studying of the structure parameters of carbonaceous and mineral supported  catalysts for their use in the catalytic processes of pollutants removal from underground and surface waters;
  • Synthesis and study of the new polyfunctional materials (including biologically active substances) by chemical and physico-chemical methods, useful for medicine, industry, agriculture and environment.
Recent publications
Research projects

Head of the laboratory

office 138
phone: (+373 22) 73 99 92
email: petuhov.chem @, oleg.petuhov @

dr. habilitate, prof. 

Principal scientific researcher

office 348

phone: (+373 22) 73 97 33
email: lupascut @; tudor.lupascu @ 

dr. habilitate, assoc. prof.
Principal scientific researcher

office 311
phone: (+373 22) 73 99 92

email: mihaiciobanu495 @; mihail.ciobanu @

dr., conf. cerc.

Leading scientific researcher

office 312
phone: (+373 22) 73 99 92

email: timbaliuc_nina @; nina.timbaliuc @

dr., assoc. prof.

Leading scientific researcher

office 417

phone: (+373 22) 73 97 31
email: nastasraisa @; raisa.nastas @

Scientific researcher

office 314
phone: (+373 22) 73 96 49
email: silvia.popovici @; silvia.cibotaru @

Senior scientific researcher

office 403
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 31
email: irina.ginsari @; irina.ginsari @
Leading scientific researcher
office  312a
phone: (+373 22) 73 99 92
email: lucian1978 @, lucian.lupascu @

Alexandru GONTA
Scientific researcher

office 312
phone: (+373 22) 73 99 92
email: alexandru1gonta @; alexandru.gonta @
Stagiar scientific researcher
office 314
phone: (+373 22) 73 96 49
email: [email protected]
Mihaela BUGA
office 403
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 31
email: [email protected]
Eugenia MORARU
office 140
phone: (+373 22) 73 97 31
email: [email protected]


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National projects

  1. ANCD/20.80009.7007.21. Reducing the effects of toxic chemicals on the environment and health through the use of adsorbents and catalysts obtained from local raw materials
    Period: 2020-2023
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPASCU
  2. CSSDT/15.817.02.16A. Controlling of sorption-structural characteristics of carbonaceous and mineral adsorbents and multifunctional materials for the purpose of their use in practice
    Period: 2015-2019
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPASCU

Bilateral projects

  1. AȘM-FRCFB/15.820.18.02.04/B. Catalysts with metal oxides for water treatment: synthesis, properties, use
    Period: 2015-2016
    project manager: Dr., assoc. prof. Raisa NASTAS
  2. AȘM-ANSIIU/17.80013.5007.02/Ua.  Multicomponent nanocomposites to stimulate the growth of agricultural plants
    Period: 2017-2018
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPASCU

International projects

  1. Multifunctional sustainable adsorbents for water treatment assisted with plasma technologies and for health protection from xenobiotics (CLEANWATER)
    Period: 2023-2027;
    Project manager: Dr., conf. cerc. Raisa NASTAS
  2. H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016/734641. Nanoporous and Nanostructured Materials for Medical Applications (NANOMED)
    Period: 2018-2020
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPASCU
  3. RESINFRA 2017-2018. Efficiency of monitoring the content of heavy metals in the environmental components.
    Period: 2017-2018
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPASCU
  4. COST/CA18202. Network for equilibria and chemical thermodynamics advanced research (NECTAR)
    Period: 2019-2023
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  5. FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IRSES/612484.  Biocompatibile/bioactive nanostructurated materials (NANOBIOMAT)
    Period: 2014-2017
    Project manager: Acad., dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPASCU

Project for young scientists

1. ANCD/19.80012.80.07A.  Recovery of tire pyrolysis residue by obtaining pigments and supplements
    Period: 2019
    Project manager: Dr. Oleg PETUHOV