Centre of Ecological Chemistry and Environmental Protection

Lupascu T


Head of the centre academician, dr. habilitate, prof. Tudor LUPAȘCU

Phone: (+373 22) 73 97 33
Email:   tudor.lupascu @ ichem.md
             lupascut @ gmail.com
Web:     https://ichem.md/en/centre-ecological-chemistry-and-                        environmental-protection


The Centre of Ecological Chemistry and Environmental Protection, was set up in 2016 and includes four laboratories:


Main objectives

  • Carrying out scientific research in the field of ecological chemistry and environmental protection, according to the scientific topics of the centre's laboratories:

- elaboration of new procedures for obtaining and modifying of carbonaceus and mineral adsorbents, and
  biologically active polyfunctional preparations;
- study of the mechanisms of adsorption and oxidation of organic and inorganic pollutants;
- development of technologies for natural water treatment;
- research and highlight of the chemical and physico- chemical processes in the aquatic environment;
- the study of the migration, accumulation and transformation processes of heavy metals, pesticides,
  polychlorbiphenyls, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants in environmental objects:
  natural and waste waters, soils, rocks, plants and agricultural products, etc.;

  • Elaboration of recommendations regarding the diminution of the impact of pollution with toxic elements and compounds, on the quality of the environment, agricultural products and population health;
  • Providing services for economic agents using the existing equipment (system of physical adsorption of gases on solids (Autosorb-1), Derivatograph, Differential Calorimeter), necessary to solve the scientific problems identified by the priority directions of development of science and technology in the Republic of Moldova);
  • Development of methods for analytical control of ecosystems and non-polluting technologies;
  • Provision of scientific research services and provision of performance measurements through cooperation agreements using the existing equipments;
  • Preparation of highly qualified scientific staff through doctoral and postdoctoral studies in the fields of physical chemistry, ecological chemistry, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources;
  • Training of highly qualified scientific staff through PhD courses and postdoctoral education in the field of physical chemistry, ecological chemistry and environmental protection and the use of natural resources;
  • Development of cooperation relations with research institutions in similar or related fields.

   Research infrastructures

The existing research infrastructure within the Center of Ecological Chemistry and Environmental Protection includes equipments, instruments and all materials necessary for carrying out the proposed research activities (Physical gas adsorption system (Autosorb-1), Differential derivatograph, calorimeter, UV-Vis and FTIR Spectrophotometers, Spectrometers Shimadzu AA-7000, AAnalyst 800,  AAS-3, Chromatographs Agilent 6890 (mECD and FID detectors) and Agilent 6890/5973 GS-MS (mass detector), luminometer, automatic titrators (Titroline 6000, 848 Titrino plus ( Methrom)), pH-meters, heated stirrers, analytical balances, etc.). The equipment can be used by all members of the center, as well as by all interested researchers in the country and abroad.

sistem adsorbtie
Physical gas adsorption system
spectrometru adsorbtie
Atomic Adsorbtion Spectrophotometer
Shimadzu AA-7000
Derivatograph Q-1500
Calorimeter with differential scanning DSC 27HP and mechanical thermo analyzer TMA 40
spectrometru atomic
Atomic Adsorbtion Spectrometers AAnalyst 800


FTIR Spectrometer Spectrum 100
Perkin Elmer, SUA)


Chromatograph Shimadzu GC-2014


analizator elemente
Elemental analyzer (C,H,N,S)


PICARRO L2130-i 
Isotopic Water Analyzer