Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis


Head of the laboratory dr. habilitate, assoc. prof.  Igor POVAR 

Office:  406
Phone: (+373 22) 73 97 36
Email: ipovar @


Short history

The Laboratory was founded in 1957 by Professor Iurie Lealicov, the founder of the scientific direction of electrochemical methods of analysis.
From 1973, dr. Ion Vatamanu was appointed head of the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (called the Laboratory of Electrochemical Methods of Research).

In 2006, the laboratory was reorganized and renamed into the Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis, headed by dr. habilitate Igor Povar.

Research areas
  • Computation of complex chemical equilibria in homogeneous and heterogeneous multicomponent systems;
  • Thermodynamic analysis of complex chemical systems;
  • Mathematical modeling of important environmental and industrial processes;
  • Study of the influence of surfactants on the redox processes in the natural aquatic environment;
  • Study of the behavior of surfactants in model polluted and river water in the presence of mineral particles in suspension;
  • Investigation of the processes on the interface „underwater sediment - water” in the deep and on the surface of water basins;
  • Development of the express spectrophotometric methods for the determination of flavonoid and anethole in plants;
  • Study of the qualitative chemical composition of urinary calculi by the infrared spectroscopy method;
  • Registration of IR and UV-Vis spectra of organic substances and coordinative compounds with application of spectral methods;
  • Research of new organic reagents used for the dosing of metals by the stripping voltammetry technique;
  • Development of accumulation methods, which in combination with increasing the scanning speed reduce essentially the accumulation time and approach the detection limit at nanomolar level.
Recent publications
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dr. habilitate, assoc. prof.
Head of the laboratory

office  406
phone.: (+373 22) 73 97 36
email: ipovar @; igor.povar @


Leading scientific researcher

office 421

phone: (+373 22) 73 97 81
email: spatarupetru @; petru.spataru @

Leading scientific researcher
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Senior scientific researcher
office 218

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Maria RUSU
Scientific researcher
office 142

phone: (+373 22) 73 97 61
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Scientific researcher
office 402

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email: oxana_spinu @; oxana.spinu @

Scientific researcher
office 418/420

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Ecaterina VIERU
Stagiar scientific researcher
office 418

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email: vieru.ecaterina @

office  141

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email: ceban.vera @

office  421

phone: (+373 22) 73 97 81
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Chapters in monographs (national / international)

  1. POVAR, I., SPINU, O., LUPASCU, T., DUCA, G. Thermodynamic Stability of Natural Aqueous Systems. In: Handbook of Research on Emerging Developments and Environmental Impacts of Ecological Chemistry. Chapter 4, 2020, p. 76-108. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1241-8
  2. POVAR I., SPINU, O. Buffer properties of heterogeneous mixtures “mineral – natural waters”. In: Handbook of Research on Emerging Developments and Environmental Impacts of Ecological Chemistry. IGI Global, 2020, pp. 164-196. ISBN13 9781799812418. 10.4018/978-1-7998-1241-8.ch008  

Articles in international journals (SCOPUS and with IF)

  1. POVAR, I., ZINICOVSCAIA, I., UBALDINI, S., SPINU, O., PINTILIE, B., LUPASCU, T., DUCA, Gh. Thermodynamic analyzing of heavy metals precipitation for recovery from industrial wastewaters. In: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal. 2020, vol. 19, nr. 2, pp. 281-288. Print ISSN: 1582-9596. (IF 1.186)
  2. GUTHRIE, J.;  WU, Y.; BANNISTER, A.;  PEIRIS, S.; POVAR, I.; WILSON, E.;  WANG, Q.  Rate constants for formation of bisulfite addition compounds: an examination in terms of No Barrier Theory. Canadian Journal of Chemistry. 2015, 93 (2), 227-233. (IF 1.084)
  3. MOLDOVAN, Z.; MARINCAS, O.; POVAR, I.; LUPASCU, T.; LONGREE, PH.; SIMOVIC ROTA, J.; SINGER, H.; ALDER, A. Environmental Exposure of Anthropogenic Micropollutants in the Prut River at the Romanian-Moldavian Border: A Snapshot in the Lower Danube River Basin. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2018, 25, 31040-31050. ISSN: 0944-1344. (IF: 2.8)
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  8. SPATARU, P.; POVAR, I.; LUPASCU, T.; ALDER, A.; MOSANU, E. Study of nitrogen forms in seasonal dynamics and kinetics of nitrification and denitrification in Prut and Nistru river waters. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal. 17(7), 1711-1719. ISSN: 1582-9596. (IF: 1.021)
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  10. ТUROV, V.; LUPASCU, T.; KRUPSKA, T.; POVAR, I.; SUVOROVA, L. Influence of Nanosilica on the Water Phase Transitions in Hygroscopic Systems. Chemistry Letters. 2017, 46(4), 481-484. (IF 1.55)
  11. ZINICOVSCAIA, I.; CEPOI, L.; POVAR, I.; CHIRIAC, T.; RODLOVSKAYA, E.; CULICOV, O. Study of metal uptake from complex industrial effluents by Spirulina platensis using neutron activation analysis. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 2018, 229, 220. ISSN: 0049-6979 (IF: 1.769)
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  14. ZINICOVSCAIA, I.; ANIČIĆ UROŠEVIĆ, M.; VERGEL, K.; VIERU, E.; FRONTASYEVA, M.; POVAR, I.; GH. DUCA. Active moss biomonitoring of trace elements with Sphagnum girgensohnii in relation to atmospheric bulk deposition: Chisinau case study. Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S. 2018, 25(3), 361-372. ISSN: 1898-6196. (IF 0.815)

 Articles in other international journals

  1. SPANOS, T.; MITTAS, N.; CHATZICHRISTOU, C.; DERMENTZIS, K.; TOPI, V.; SPANOU, D. S.; ENE, A.; TEODOROF, L.; ZUBCOV, E.; BOGDEVICH, O. Evaluation of Potable Groundwater Quality Using Environmetrics. The case of Nestos and Strymon River Regions, Northern Greece. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, 2021, 14 (1), pp. 114 – 118. ISSN 17912377.
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Articles in national journals

  1. UBALDINI, S., POVAR, I., LUPASCU, T., SPINU, O., TRAPASSO, F., PASSERI, D., CARLONI, S., GUGLIETTA, D. Application of innovative processes for gold recovery from romanian mining wastes. In: Chemistry Journal of Moldova. 2020. ISSN 1857-1727 (print).
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Articles in abstract books (national / international)

  1. POVAR I., SPINU, O. Thermodynamic method for calculating mineral equilibrium. In: Proceeding of the International Scientific Ecological Conference "Agricultural landscapes, their sustainability and developmental features", March 24–26, 2020, Krasnodar, Russia, pp. 228-231. ISBN 978-5-907294-64-6.
  2. VIȘNEVSCHI, A. Technological solutions for more efficient operation of the biological treatment plant of the municipal enterprise „APĂ-CANAL” Măgdăcești. Proceeding of the International Conference “EU integration and management of the Dniester river basin”, October 8-9, 2020, Chisinau, Moldova, pp. 34-38.
  3. ПОВАР, И., СПЫНУ, О., ПИНТИЛИЕ Б. Термодинамический анализ распределения растворимых и нерастворимых частиц меди (I) и меди (II) в системах содержащих тиосульфат и аммоний. In: Научно-практическая конференция c международным участием и элементами школы молодых ученых «Перспективы развития металлургии и машиностроения с использованием завершенных фундаментальных исследований и НИОКР», 06 – 09 октября 2020, Екатеринбург, Россия, pp. 90-94. ISBN 978-5-907297-48-7


  1. SPĂTARU, P., MAFTULEAC, A., POVAR, I., PINTILIE, B., SPÎNU, O. Procedeu de concentrare a reziduurilor solide organice din sedimentele apelor reziduale. Hotărâre pozitivă nr. 9524 din 2020.05.20 la cererea de brevet, nr. depozit a 2019 0046, data depozit 2019.05.31.
  2.  ŞEPELI, D.; RUSU, M.; FILIPPOV, M.; LUPAŞCU, T. Procedeu de determinare a substanţelor humice solubile în apă din apele naturale şi din rocile solide. Brevet de invenţie MD nr. 4305 B1. Data publicării hotărârii de acordare a brevetului: 2014.09.30, BOPI nr. 9/2014. Brevet eliberat la 2015.04.30.
  3. SPĂTARU, P.; MAFTULEAC, A.; POVAR, I.; PINTILIE, B.; SPÎNU, O. Procedeu de tratare biologică a sedimentelor provenite din apele reziduale. Cerere de brevet, nr. depozit a 2019 0046, data depozit 2019.05.31.
  4. TUROV, V. V.; KRUPSKAYA, T. V.; LUPASCU, T.; POVAR, I. Methods of regulating the effect of water on phase transitions in hygroscopic systems. Ukr. patent, nr. 127465 din 10.08.2018.
  5. TUROV, V.; LUPASCU, T.; BOGATYREV, V.; KRUPSKA, T.; GALABURDA, M.; LUPASCU, L.; POVAR, I.; KOKOSHA, N. Polymeric material with antimicrobial properties. Brevet de invenție MD 4607 2018.12.31, BOPI nr 12/2018.


National projects

  1. ANCD/20.80009.7007.20. Study and management of pollution source for the elaboration of recommendations for implementing to reduce the negative impact on the environment and population health.
    Period: 2020-2023;
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  2. CSSDT/15.817.02.15A. The short and long term stability and quality control of ecological systems in the Republic of Moldova.
    Period: 2015-2019;
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR

Bilateral projects

  1. AȘM-CNCI/18.80013.5007.01/it. Thermodynamic optimization of innovative processes developed for the recovery of industrial waste containing precious metals
    Period: 2018-2019;
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  2. AȘM-ANSIIU/17.80013.5007.02/Ua.  Multicomponent nanocomposites to stimulate the growth of agricultural plants.
    Period: 2017-2018;
    Project manager: Academician, dr. habilitate, prof.  Tudor LUPASCU

International projects

  1. COST/CA18202. Network for equilibria and chemical thermodynamics advanced research (NECTAR).
    Period: 2019-2023;
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  2. DEH-2019. Ecological and economical solution for treating unpleasant odor sludge from wastewater treatment plants in the Republic of Moldova.
    Period: 2019;
    Project manager: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  3. CFLI-2017-MD-0005. Technology enhancement to support sludge processing from wastewater treatment plants to create useful agriculture products.
    Perioada de realizare: 2017-2018;
    Conducător: Dr. habilitate, assoc. prof. Igor POVAR
  4. H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016/734641. Nanoporous and Nanostructured Materials for Medical Applications (NANOMED).
    Period: 2018-2020;
    Project manager: Academician, dr. habilitate, prof.  Tudor LUPASCU
  5. FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IRSES/612484.  Biocompatibile/bioactive nanostructurated materials (NANOBIOMAT).
    Period: 2014-2017;
    Project manager: Academician, dr. habilitate, prof.  Tudor LUPASCU